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Community Choreography

May 22, 2009

I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. For businesses, I think it’s fantastic. For the spread of knowledge, again, fantastic. Otherwise, it’s a glorified Facebook status update and I’d much rather be self-indulgent on Facebook where I have many more friends to annoy.

But I digress… Twitter is an incredible resource for companies, theaters, art, food…anyone trying to market themselves on a global level for no money. It’s also an incredible way to encourage the creation of art, as seen with Dance Theater Workshop’s weekly “Community Choreography”. Each week you tweet a movement phrase or or any sort of action to DTW and they compile the tweets/phrases together, turning it into a physically-realized choreographed piece. Whether or not it makes “sense” on the whole doesn’t bother me, as much as it’s simply wonderful to see people working (even if alone) to create a bigger, beautiful picture.

Below is the Community Choreography for this past week. I actually contributed! Enjoy:

Dance Theater Workshop.

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