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Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

June 7, 2009

Big Gay Ice Cream Truck

I absolutely love anything and everything gay. If the SAT’s were called the SGAYT’s, I would have gone to Yale. Just read this article and I was jumping for joy. ENJOY! –>

“What little boy doesn’t relish the memory of his neighborhood ice cream truck rolling down his street with a gay little jingle beckoning him to enjoy a delicious treat. Well, no need to live off your memories anymore. Get ready as NYC welcomes the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck. Owner, bassoonist and ice cream aficionado Doug Quint is just waiting on his permit, which is expected to come in next week, before you can find him around town slinging his fabulous frosty pops. Look for him in the West Village during the day and hopping on over to the East Village and Chelsea during the evenings. What better way to cool down this summer than licking the rainbow right off of the sprinkle. The BGICT will offer toppings like olive oil and sea salt, Nutella, bacon and any suggestions from his clientele, who will earn freebies when they dare to wear his snappy apparel. He also promises potential disco classics played from the trucks’ speakers. Check out the website at” (HX Magazine)

Check out their cute clothing too!


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