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Dance NOW [NYC] Festival

July 28, 2009

After doing some volunteer work at Dance Theater Workshop this past spring, I look forward to returning and checking out the Dance NOW [NYC] Festival this September. The festival kicks off September 8th and goes through the 12th featuring numerous artists and companies. Here is a little bit more about the festival:

“We build relationships with urban dance innovators at varying stages of development, to challenge, sustain, and move their artistic careers forward. Our signature ‘short take’ programming has long been the pillar of the organization. This ‘less is more’ approach to performance is the foundation of our mission to connect audiences to new and innovative New York City dance makers and to support the artistic dreams and endeavors of these urban artists, as well as supporting our GreenNOW campaign to sustain the environment.

Embracing the nontraditional and unconventional, DanceNOW offers the avid fan, as well as the uninitiated and often intimidated highly accessible and inclusive performance events that portray a bustling and vast landscape of dance innovation. DanceNOW offers New York City-based choreographers year-round performance opportunities and promotion of their work to new audiences to increase their audience visibility and advance their career opportunities, along with a residency program to encourage the exploration of the creative process and the development of new work and artistic direction. Each year, DanceNOW challenges and supports the creative process of hundreds of innovative dance makers, encouraging artists to explore the challenge of creating work that is marked by brevity but still far-reaching in its clarity, influence and effect.”

Some artists/companies featured this year include:

Banana Peel Dance(1)

Banana Peel Dance/Aaron Drapor

Julian Barnett 1 by Quinn Batson(2)

Julian Barnett by Quinn Batson

Johannes Wieland 1 by Sebastian Lemm

Johannes Wieland by Sebastian Lemm

VENUE: Dance Theater Workshop

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